Example videos I can create  for your business.

⬇️ See an example of an interactive sales video page.

Advertising animated banners examples:


Please describe criteria for your video. This will help me understand your needs and what kind of video you want.

🎥 1.Video duration.

🎥 2. Script and idea.

🎥 3. Video style.

🎥 4. Animation and special effects.

🎥 5. Music and sound.

🎥 6. Additional extras.

🎥 7. Deadlines and budget.

🎥 8. Integrations and delivery.

🎥 9. Rights of use.

🎥 10. Additional services and support.

🎥 11. AI Avatar to speak in the video. Possibility of different languages.

🎥 12. Text-to-speech (TTS) technology can narrate your script.

💎 Excluding the services mentioned above in the form, do you want additional services to your video such as: Take advantage of the YG-DIAMOND package

YG-DIAMOND package gives you super many options and general cooperation. To use the latest technologies on the market. A new generation of video marketing!

Attention!!! If you have subscribed to this package, you will only have to pay for each new video you want to be made. Of course at discounted prices. All extras carry over to each subsequent video.

🔊 Once the video is created and you pay the price we have agreed in advance. You will receive a file with your video.
If you subscribe to the €67 per month package. Any video I create for you will have all the extras listed above enabled.
This is suitable for video marketing.
👉 You can embed the video in your website with dynamic code.
👉 You can share your interactive sales page with a link.
👉 You can install your video as a Widget (like a chatbot) with the ability to call to action or a welcome video on your website.
👉 I will create a suitable Thumbnail/Cover for your video when you share it on YouTube.